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Stone Care & Maintenance Tips

Keep Your Surface Looking Beautiful Longer

Marble Surface

Stone countertops, both natural and engineered, are a great investment to any home or office space. Their strength, durability, and relatively easy maintenance make them a highly desirable option. To help prolong the life and beauty of your stone countertops, IWS Granite & Marble has created a list of general care and maintenance tips for our customers. 

•   To clean your stone surface, wipe daily with a clean cloth to remove dust and debris. Use a pH-neutral cleaner designed specifically for stone surfaces (example: Method Daily Granite Cleaner). A mixture of mild antibacterial soap and distilled water is also effective for cleaning your stone surface; however, consistent use can lead to a dull film covering the surface. 

•   To avoid staining your stone surface, blot dry spills as soon as they occur. If your stone surface does stain from oils, food, or liquids such as coffee and wine, it should be removed immediately with a stain remover designed for the type of stain before it becomes permanent.

•   Avoid contact of acidic or abrasive substances such as tomatoes, citrus, bleach, and vinegar with your stone surface as they can etch into the surface and leave the stone looking dull and lackluster. This tip is especially important if you have chosen marble for your countertops. 

•   Do not cut or prepare food directly on countertops. Use a bowl or cutting board to avoid damaging or scratching the countertops. 

•   While natural stone surfaces have a higher heat threshold than engineered stone, it is not recommended to place hot items, such as pots, pans, or crockpots, directly on the surface. We recommend the use of trivets and hot-pads on all stone surfaces to avoid potential damage or cracking.

•   IWS Granite & Marble provides a standard 1-year sealer for all installations of natural stone. If using a 1-year sealer, it is recommended to re-seal your stone surface every year (marble) or every 1-2 years (granite) to guard against staining, maintain easy clean-up, strengthen the stone, and preserve their natural beauty. Note: the 1-year sealer does not warranty against staining or etching.


•    IWS Granite & Marble also offers an upgraded 15-year sealer at an additional cost. Note: The 15-year sealer does warranty against staining and is recommended when choosing marble or quartzite for your surface. However, it does not warranty against etching.


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